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IPD 996 Turbo/S/X50/ GT2 "Push Through" Y Pipe

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This very unique and extreme modification was a joint venture between BBI Autosport and Innovative Pro Design. The “Push Through Y Pipe” was a completely collaborative effort from initial prototype to final production. Countless design changes (both internally and externally) backed with extensive dyno and track testing have yielded the ultimate performance upgrade for the 996 Turbo customer looking to transform their Turbos from mild to wild.

The IPD 996 Turbo “Push Through Y Pipe” was designed for the hardcore Turbo enthusiast looking for substantial power and speed improvements. This “Y Pipe” requires the larger 74mm IPD Plenum (Part #96274) and throttle body (although an even larger 82mm application is available).

The unique cast design has many advantages over other hand fabricated versions being one piece (no welds), allowing for improved and smoother transitions, optimized flow and diversion shaped areas (that cannot be accomplished with fabricated pipes) all functioning together to create improved and greater boost response, especially when running larger turbo.

This design flows incredible quantities of air at very high velocity for extremely modified Turbos developing 600 to 1000+ horsepower at the wheels. The IPD “Push Through Y Pipe” works best when complimented with larger turbos, intercoolers and aggressive software. This “Push Through Y Pipe” can help Turbos build massive horsepower capable of physics defying performance.

This set up utilizes a pressurized MAF sensor versus a conventional “draw through” sensor. This allows 996 Turbos to run a twin air filter set up creating shorter and more efficient paths that feed the turbos.

An additional 4 bungs are also cast into the Y Pipe allowing customers the ability to drill and tap for added accessories such as methanol injection, boost gauges, etc.

For customers demanding the absolute most from the 996 Turbo we offer an even larger “Push Through Y Pipe” package that employs the 997 Turbo intake manifolds allowing for the larger 82mm 997 Turbo. IPD Plenum (Part #97282) and upgraded 997 GT3 82mm throttle body. (Additional throttle body purchase required)

The CNC machining of a single aluminum cast piece creates an improved visual appeal typically found on OE components. These “Y” Pipes can also be special ordered (for additional minimal charge) in custom powder coated colors and ceramic dispersement coatings or polished to customize your Turbo engine compartment.