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  • Ferrari 458 Italia Exhaust System (With Valves)

Tubi Style

Ferrari 458 Italia Exhaust System (With Valves)



Practically being neighbors with Ferrari certainly has its perks, so Tubi Style was lucky enough to get their hands on a 458 Italia long before many of us even got the chance to lay eyes on one. The result of that early development time is the amazing Tubi mufflers you see above. The first thing you'll notice is that the mufflers are crafted in true Tubi fashion, using only the highest grade polished stainless steel for the mufflers, as well as all mounting points and hangers. The second thing you'll notice is that the Tubi system retains the use of vacuum actuated valves to control the flow of exhaust under different driving conditions. At idle and low speeds, the 458's exhaust exits only from the center pipe of its unique triple-exit center exhaust. Under acceleration the flappers open up and allow full exhaust flow from all three pipes, the center as well as two sides. And lastly, there's the trademark Tubi exhaust sound that has almost become synonymous with Ferrari. Even though the 458 suffers from a restrictive factory exhaust because of heavy European and US sound regulations, the Tubi system is engineering and designed to let the howl of the 458's 9,000 rpm redline to be heard by all. 

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