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  • Cargraphic 991 C2 exhaust system
  • Cargraphic 991 C2 exhaust system


Cargraphic 991 C2 exhaust system



New! EC-Approved sport exhaust system!

Our latest manifold-back sport exhaust system with performance flap control has successfully been TÜV/EC approved for the 991 model range.
It is a direct replacement for the Carrera S models and all 991 models with factory PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) fitted.
991 3.4l models require our performance flap control system or onboard flap control systems can be retrofitted.

The system consists of

Sport center silencer Two-Box version with integrated  exhaust flaps.
Wheel arch silencer set
Double-end tailpipe set

The sound with flaps closed has a sporty note with
Although with flaps opened it steps up to an aggressive
volume increasing sound with revs

7KW(10PS) more power and 24Nm additional torque

Developed for maximum flow this unique CARGRAPHIC
part creates the following further advantages:
- Reduced backpressure
- Reduced temperature
- Maximized performance
- Enhanced sound
- Weight reduction 
- Lasercut machined stainless steel flanges for accurate
  plain fit

performance flap control system:

Our performance flap control system is a universal product to be fitted to cars that already have a standard built in system or come completely without. The performance flap control system includes two remote controls and works with two operational modes:

- Flap always open ("ON")
- Flap opens and closes in relation to individual
  programmed RPM ("AUTO")

This new innovative performance flap control system is designed to convert both the CAN-BUS and the analog RPM signal. This allows not only the use with older car electronics but also with the latest high tech CAN-BUS driven car control systems.
An easy installation is guaranteed


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