Toyota SUPRA (A90) (2019-2019) - Evolution Slip On Line (TI) - SportsCarBoutique
Toyota SUPRA (A90) (2019-2019) - Evolution Slip On Line (TI) - SportsCarBoutique
Toyota SUPRA (A90) (2019-2019) - Evolution Slip On Line (TI) - SportsCarBoutique

Toyota SUPRA (A90) (2019-2019) - Evolution Slip On Line (TI)

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Slip-On Line (Titanium)

  •       power
          +2.2 kWat 2400 rpm
  •       torque
          +7.4 Nmat 2400 rpm
  •       weight
          -6.1 kg

This ECE type-approved system is constructed entirely from high-grade titanium and features an exhaust valve with a housing cast in the in-house foundry. The single muffler arrangement has a unique set of titanium tailpipes, utilising a design not previously seen on an aftermarket exhaust. Fully adapted to the lines of the car, the outer side of the tailpipe has been coated for increased durability, while the inner surface has a bluish-purple natural titanium colour achieved by annealing, plus a stylish and sporty imprint design to give the system a very special and exclusive finish. Through the use of lightweight materials, the system will reduce overall vehicle weight, optimising power and torque through the entire rev range. Different sound modes offer a pleasant experience in comfort mode – without any intrusive drone – and, when the driving gets more dynamic and enthusiastic, the exhaust produces a vibrant and deep roar from the six-cylinder engine, which the Supra is well known for, and adds an exciting and exhilarating sensation as the revs rise.

An optional Akrapovič Sound Kit is available to control the various sound settings, and optional tuning opportunitiesexist through the addition of the stainless-steel Evolution Link Pipe set. As with the Sound Kit, fitting the Link Pipe will negate the ECE type approval.

Fitment and ECE type-approval are valid for engine type B58B30C. 

ECE type approval is only valid for cars equipped with otto/gasoline particulate filter. 


For installing the slip-on system, the stock exhaust system has to be cut. Please read the instructions carefully before the start of the installation.