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Nissan 370 Z (2009-2020) - Slip-On Line (SS)

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Slip-On Line (SS)

  •       power
          +3.7 kWat 7460 rpm
  •       torque
          +4.5 Nmat 3000 rpm
  •       weight
          -1.1 kg

Please be aware that picture is taken with Titanium Tail Pipes, which are not available anymore. We have available Carbon Tail Pipes.

The 370Z from Nissan is a fine sports car in the tradition of Japanese muscle cars but benefits greatly from the Akrapovič treatment. Our finely crafted Slip-On axle back exhaust system is made of high-grade stainless steel and fits the original mounting points perfectly. Installation is a snap. There are power gains not just at or near redline, but across the entire rpm range. The Slip-On sport exaust produces a boost in performance, as well as a weight reduction when compared to stock. The Slip-On system generates a deeper-than-stock tone with the sporty sound you’d expect from the 3.7-liter high-revving engine. Complete the look with a set of two exquisite 125 mm tailpipes in sandblasted and coated titanium or carbon fibre.

Exhaust can also be mounted on NISMO model.