BMW 335i/435i (F30, F31, F32) (2012-2015) - Evolution Line (SS) - SportsCarBoutique
BMW 335i/435i (F30, F31, F32) (2012-2015) - Evolution Line (SS) - SportsCarBoutique

BMW 335i/435i (F30, F31, F32) (2012-2015) - Evolution Line (SS)

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Evolution Line (SS)

  •       power
          +5.2 kWat 5850 rpm
  •       torque
          +10.7Nmat 3500 rpm
  •       weight
          -0.8 kg

Evolution exhaust systems for the BMW 335i are the result of the perfect integration of expertise, the best technology, and the use of the finest materials. Made of austenitic stainless steel, these systems feature a newly developed layout with two central mandatory link pipes replacing the single stock pipe, a new muffler design, and carbon fibre tailpipes. This sporty elegance makes this Bavarian machine stand out from the rest and offers the taste of a more powerful version, accentuated with the additional power gains and weight losses of the Evolution performance exhaust system. The dual-mode ECU-controlled valve exhaust from Akrapovic offers stock-level sound at normal cruising, and a joyful deep sporty note when driving the 335i more dynamically. The Evolution systems replace the stock exhaust from the catalytic converters back.

Mountable for:
335i Limousine (F30)
335i xDrive Limousine (F30)
335i Touring (F31)
335i xDrive Touring (F31)
ActiveHybrid 3