We service what we sell. It's through our service and racing business that we prove that the products we bring to market are the best in the industry. We get hands-on with the technology and parts and test them in performance driving and in many cases, racing. If we are selling it to our customers, you can be sure that it will work to enhance your car and your driving experience. 

In our state of the are service center, we offer the following services:

Track Preparation

We prepare dedicated race cars as well as track cars for the weekend warrior. We also set up your daily driver for occasional track use.

Alignment and Corner Balancing 

We help keep you on the straight and narrow. We offer 4 wheel alignment for the street as well as corner balancing for track set-up and for racing. Our choice in equipment is the Hoffman 3D imaging alignment machine on a low profile Hoffman scissor lift with racing turnplates. We measure the alignment on our race cars twice - once on the alignment rack and then with strings on the scales.

Wheel & Tire Service

We offer complete Wheel & Tire mounting service on one of the industries best machines: CORGHI MASTER Artiglio. No crowbars are used and your rim won't come in contact with the mounting arm. This equipment is Ferrari and Porsche approved and is used in most high end dealerships.

We offer track and race tires such as MICHELIN, PIRELLI, HOOSIER, and TOYO. For the street we also work with BRIDGESTONE, CONTINENTAL, DUNLOP and NITTO us for a competitive quote.

All our wheels are balanced on the Hoffman laser balancer which measures your wheel and tire run out with a laser beam and calculates the weights needed for a smooth ride. The Hoffman balancer also detects any rim damage if there is any and is the preferred equipment by some car manufacturers.

Parts Installation

We service everything we sell. Wheels, tires and performance parts for your Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes and Porsche. We install, setup, test and tune to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


keep you car running in peak condition. SportscarBoutique provides maintenance services to keep you on the front of the grid or simply to make sure your performance car continues to thrill you. 

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