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SportsCarBoutique provides Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, G-Wagon, and AMG models with premium servicing and parts installation. Whatever the Mercedes model, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide servicing and maintenance that rivals any dealership.




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Alignment and Corner Balancing 

SportsCarBoutique’s alignment and corner balancing service help keep your Mercedes on the straight and narrow. 


Many owners are unaware of the critical role that alignment plays when considering vehicle performance, longevity, and associated expenses. Improperly aligned wheels wear out tires more quickly, reduce vehicle handling and responsiveness, and just flat out makes the ride less enjoyable. 


We offer wheel alignment and corner balancing for your Mercedes vehicle using industry-leading, cutting-edge machine technology. You drive the best, we provide the best. 


Whether you’re looking for that top time on the track, or just want to have a smooth ride, the John Bean alignment system uses 3D imaging and  productivity-enhancing software to ensure that you have the perfect toe, camber, and caster for your specific performance needs. 


Our impeccable service is made possible by a low-profile, Hoffman Scissor Lift that uses racing turn plates and scales to ensure precision servicing.

Wheel & Tire Service

Most high-performance cars require different sets for front and back tires, meaning you can’t simply rotate them for longevity. Owners need to keep in mind that performance vehicles require more regular servicing to maintain handling and traction. 


We treat your Mercedes to a complete tire and wheel-mounting service using the best-in-class Corghi Master Artiglio. Developed by a company that’s been in the auto industry for over 50 years, the Corghi comes complete with an automated mounting arm - so you don’t have to worry about excessive rim contact. 


For your tire needs, SCB provides you the top industry brands - offering Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, Continental, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, and Toyo among many others.


All our wheels are balanced using Hoffman’s latest laser-assisted technology. The same cutting-edge systems are used by Mercedes manufacturers to ensure perfectly balanced wheels while detecting even the slightest rim damage.


SportsCarBoutique is the only dealership alternative when it comes to scheduled maintenance for Mercedes vehicles. Our services keep you at the front of the grid and ensures your street or track car continues to perform at its optimal level.


At SCB, we recommend Motul Oil and Lubricants to keep your finely crafted engine in peak condition. Motul are the chosen brand of champions and competitors across MotorSport circuits, powering vehicles to success in Super GT, Lotus Cup, Le Mans Classic, and many other renowned international events.

Brake Service and Install

Yearly brake fluid flushing is important for all vehicles, but as an owner of high-performance or luxury cars, it’s imperative - especially for those looking to perform well on the track!


Our technicians are experts when it comes to Pagid Brakes. The pinnacle of performance in the realm of brake technology, Pagid is widely used by all the top European car brands for their premium brake pads, discs, and fluids. 


Whether you want that tune-up to achieve next level results or simply want proper servicing of your dealer brakes, SportsCarBoutique Servicing has you covered and provides unparalleled results.

Parts Installation 

SportsCarBoutique offers industry-leading brands across the top-tier vehicle spectrum, from wheels, to tires, to performance parts. Our shop is the go-to dealership alternative for Mercedes owners across the Greater Toronto Area.


SportsCarBoutique is honoured to be the preferred distributor of an exclusive array of products that includes names like Akrapovic Exhaust Systems, HRE Wheels, BMC Air FIlters, and Cargraphic Exhaust and Accessories. We service everything we sell and will install, setup, test, and tune all of our product parts to the exact specifications of our customers’ vehicle needs.

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Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. EST

Address: 31 Torbarrie Rd, North York, ON M3L 1G5