About Us:

We've all experienced thrill of high performance driving. The adrenaline rush of the race track or the freedom of the open road. For many, performance driving presents a world of possibilities and opportunities at every turn and ever straight. At SportscarBoutique, our passion for performance started back in 2006 and has since taken root and grown into a community of people devoted to pushing the boundaries of our industry. We're building a culture of people who respect each other, set the pace, and lead through service. We strive daily to better serve our customers, our fellow employees, and our community. Over the years we've found that happy people are hardworking people, and that the time we spend on in and around high performance cars brings the passion out in all.


We are located near the intersections of the 401 and 400 highways in the heart of the commercial section of Toronto, within easy access to public transit. Our offices feature a state of the art service center where we service what we sell for our local customers. 

Open Positions:

Porsche certified mechanic - 5-10 years experience. Click here to apply