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SportsCarBoutique is a full service shop located in Northern Toronto.

Corghi Master tire changer

Hoffman laser balancer

Wheel & Tire Service

We offer complete Wheel & Tire mounting service on one of the industries best machines: CORGHI MASTER Artiglio. No crowbars are used and your rim won't come in contact with the mounting arm. This equipment is Ferrari and Porsche approved and is used in most high end dealerships.

We offer track and race tires such as MICHELIN, PIRELLI, HOOSIER, and TOYO. For the street we also work with BRIDGESTONE, CONTINENTAL, DUNLOP and NITTO tires...contact us for a competitive quote.

All our wheels are balanced on the Hoffman laser balancer which measures your wheel and tire run out with a laser beam and calculates the weights needed for a smooth ride. The Hoffman balancer also detects any rim damage if there is any and is the preferred equipment by some car manufacturers.

Alignment & Corner Balancing

We offer 4 wheel alignment for the street as well as corner balancing for track set-up and for racing. Our choice in equipment is the Hoffman 3D imaging alignment machine on a low profile Hoffman scissor lift with racing turnplates. We measure the alignment on our race cars twice - once on the alignment rack and then with strings on the scales.

SimCraft Simulator

SportsCarBoutique and SCB Racing have made the investment in a Full Motion Simulator by SIMCRAFT. SIMCRAFT has chosen SportsCarBoutique as its Canadian distributor and simulator test center in the North.

With an entire room dedicated to the simulator - racers and track enthusiasts can now work on their racing skills in private. The full motion simulator offers many well known tracks from Canada, US and the rest of the world. Motec data flow is possible to overlay real driving data with the simulator generated dats. Car models include current car models from GT Racing, Blancpain series, Open wheel cars and some Vintage cars.

Contact us to book your session and drive the worlds best tracks in the worlds fastest cars.

SportsCarBoutique is the sole distributor for SIMCRAFT racing simulators



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