JRZ Suspension

The JRZ damper design comes from 50 years of experience in Research and Development of suspension and damper design for racing, rally and industrial applications.

The approach of the JRZ design philosophy is completely different from other damper manufacturers:

Emphasis is on controlling the un-sprung mass:
o    Large fluid displacement because of the use of 22 mm diameter piston rod
o    Lifting force of shock-absorber by using high nitrogen pressure
o    Compression damping with unique adjustable valving system in canister
o    Large 44 mm piston, with a large diameter non preloaded deflective disc valves
o    High flow return valve for quick refilling of working cylinder
o    Gas volume is selected in a way that the fluctuating gas volume and the temperature have little effect in the increase of pressure

Control of sprung mass:

o    Large piston diameter for good rebound control because of large fluid displacement
o    Unique orifice rebound adjustment system

The Result

-    Improved handling
-    Reduced tyre wear
-    More traction

-    Better comfort level
-    Better stability of the vehicle body
-    Increased lifetime of damper

SCB Racing and SportsCarBoutique cars run on JRZ Suspension.

Our online suspension catalog is coming soon. 

For your inquires into JRZ, RSS and H&R, please contact us directly with your requirements at or 1-(416)-398-0909

JRZ Suspension

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