HRE FlowForm New Custom Colors Avalible at SportsCarBoutique


HRE FlowForms now have NEW CUSTOM COLORS! Featured on the BRZ is the FF15 finished in Sea Lion. Be one of the first to get your Canadian set from SportsCarBoutique in Toronto today! 

  1. Sea Lion (featured above) // Beautiful smooth non-metallic warm grey. Very similar to Porsche Fashion Grey.
  2. Sarsaparilla // Following in the wonderful palate wetting theme of IPA, this finish is our deep, rich gloss bronze. Always a favorite.
  3. Deep Sea // This name could not be more fitting. The depth draws you into this dark blue metallic finish with a fantastic contrast... when the sun hits, it pops like crazy.
  4. Midnight // What happens when you lay a Satin clear powder over Deep Sea? Smooth-velvety-blue-goodness, that's what happens!

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  • Ilker Starck